What is the future of the social sciences? How do social scientific ideas germinate and disperse across and through disciplines? How does Social Science Matrix compare with other research institutes that have evolved since the post-World-War-II expansion of collaborative research? How will the social sciences respond to new forms of data and data collection?

These are some of the “meta-questions” that have come into discussion during the Matrix Directors’ Seminar, which has met regularly since Fall 2013 with a goal that is directly aligned with that of Matrix itself: to envision the future of the social sciences at Berkeley and beyond.

Organized by Professor William Hanks, a linguist and anthropologist who serves as director of Social Science Matrix, the Director’s Seminar provides a space for intensive and sustained dialogue about how the landscape of social research is changing, with a view to informing the strategy, programs, and multi-year plans of the Matrix and social scientists working across the campus.

Among the distinguished participants in the Matrix Director's Seminar are:

  • Patricia Baquedano-Lopez, Associate Professor of Education
  • Mia Bruch, Associate Director for Programs for Social Science Matrix
  • Cathryn Carson, Associate Professor of History
  • Catherine Crump, Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
  • Paul Duguid, Adjunct Professor, School of Information
  • Marion Fourcade, Professor of Sociology
  • William F. Hanks, Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Social Science Matrix
  • Carla Hesse, Peder Sather Professor of History, Executive Dean for the College of Letters & Science
  • Sharon Inkelas, Professor of Linguistics
  • Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, Associate Professor of Demography and Sociology, Associate Dean of Social Sciences
  • Thomas W. Laqueur, Professor of History
  • Tania Lombrozo, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • John McKee, Dean, Development and College Relations
  • Justin McCrary, Professor of Law, Director of D-Lab
  • Terry Regier, Professor of Linguistics
  • Nathan F. Sayre, Associate Professor of Geography
  • Eva Seto, Associate Director of Research Development for Social Science Matrix
  • Michael J Watts, Professor of Geography
  • Steven Weber, Professor of Political Science, School of Information